Problems That Indicate You May Need an Exterior Siding Replacement for Your Home in Naperville, IL, or a Nearby Area

Exterior Siding Naperville ILIt can be difficult to determine when the exterior siding on your Naperville, Illinois, home needs to be replaced. Some damages may only need a simple repair, while others might be indicative of larger problems that require a full replacement service.

It may be time to replace your current exterior siding if:

  • You’ve noticed bubbling – Wood siding, or any siding, that has reached the end of its functional lifespan is more susceptible to water damage. Bubbling on your exterior siding typically means that water is trapped under the panels, while bubbles inside the home on your wallpaper can indicate that the water is moving further into your house. Evidence of water damage means that your siding is no longer able to properly waterproof your home and this excessive moisture can facilitate the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus. Who wants those invaders to their home?
  • Your exterior siding has holes and cracks – Damaged siding will not only detract from the curb appeal of your Naperville, IL, home, but holes and cracks could potentially indicate that insects or other critters have decided to take residence in your siding. Ants, termites, and mice can compromise your siding’s ability to perform properly as they chew through the material. These holes and cracks can also allow rain and snow to get underneath the panels which can result in moisture damage.
  • You suspect there is dry rot – Sometimes the damage to your siding is not immediately evident. Dry rot can deteriorate the innermost layers of your siding even if the outside looks fine. To test for dry rot, gently insert a screwdriver under the board of your siding and see if the area feels soft. Alternatively, tap it with the handle of your screwdriver and see if it splits or crumbles. If your exterior siding has dry rot, that means it can no longer insulate your home properly which can put stress on your HVAC system to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. This in turn can lead to higher energy bills and shorten the life of your HVAC system.

Luckily, for residents of Naperville, IL, there is Euro-Tech. We offer two types of high-performing composite siding: Everlasting Cedar and Ascend from Alside. Both types of Exterior Siding Replacement for Your Home are resistant to damage from inclement weather and will never crack, fade, or warp. Additionally, our exterior siding is completely seamless, which means your home will have enhanced curb appeal and fewer spots for moisture and critters to get into.

For more information on our exterior siding, contact Euro-Tech today. We proudly serve homeowners in Naperville, IL, and neighboring areas. Or call us at 800-215-8712.