Bay and Bow Windows

Bay WindowsBig, beautiful windows don’t have to be energy siphons. OKNA bay and bow windows are built to stop energy loss while letting in all of the beautiful outdoors. Bas and bow windows are available in double hung or casement styles.

Crafted with elegant detail.

  • Sculpted frame and coved beading for authentic wood look.
  • Stain-grade wood for the head, seat and jambs allows endless interior design options. Available in oak or birch.
  • Bay and bow windows are available in double-hung and casement window styles.
  • Color matched locking and operating hardware combines easy operation with high security and functional beauty.

Built for maximum security.

  • For added security, our easy-to-reach multi-point casement locking system has multiple locks along the entire window jamb – all are activated simultaneously by a single locking handle.
  • Interior glazing bead deters glass removal from outside the home and provides a waterproof seal to protect insulating glass.

Engineered for energy efficiency.

  • Special insulation along mulling points and R-core insulation for warmer windows and lower energy bills.
  • Operating casement windows seal tight for extremely low air infiltration rates.
  • Our Hi R+Plus multi-layer vacuum-deposition soft-coat Low-E glass series allows you to choose from among the best insulating glass systems available.
  • Standard insulated seatboard adds increased energy efficiency.

Designed for maintenance freedom.

  • Solid uiPVC construction is virtually maintenance free.
  • Casement hardware allows operating windows to be cleaned from inside the home.
  • Decorative grids are inside the insulated glass unit to allow easy window cleaning.
  • Optional Easy-Clean Glass requires cleaning half as often – with half the effort.

Performance guaranteed to last.

  • Fusion-welded construction provides extra strength.
  • Intercept warm edge insulated glass offers increased strength and higher R-values — standard on most products.
  • Entire window unit is covered by a transferable lifetime limited warranty.

Our manufacturer has more information on their website.